Terms & Conditions

1.  Phuket Baby Rentals (J2 Global Co., Ltd) herein referred to as “The Company” agrees to rent the equipment to you subject to availability and as specified in our confirmation email at the price agreed. Payment of the full rental cost together with a refundable deposit must be made at the time of booking.2.  We will deliver and collect the equipment, within our predefined delivery area, as stated on the website. Delivery and collection will be made at the time requested by customer, or closely as possible, pursuant to The Company’s operating schedule for that day.

3.  Upon receipt of your order by email, facsimile or telephone, we will send you confirmation of the same by email or facsimile. This confirmation shall be checked thoroughly by you and any errors or queries notified to us within 24 hours of receiving such confirmation. If we receive no such notification we will assume the details of the confirmation are correct and delivery will go ahead as agreed, subject to paragraph 2 above. 

4.  Renter will examine the rental items upon delivery to ensure it is undamaged, in good working order and fit for the intended purpose. You will notify us on the day of delivery if this is not the case. If items are returned damaged or in disrepair, including missing parts, renter is obligated to pay the cost of repair in addition to charges incurred for the rental period. If item is irreparable, renter is obligated to purchase item at full retail value in addition to any rental fee incurred.

5.  Renter is responsible for reading and following special instructions or manufacturer’s instructions that accompany rental items. If instructions are not included or missing it is the Renters responsibility to notify The Company. Renter is liable for misuse of equipment and in the event of an accident, including death, releases The Company from any and all claims arising. Under no circumstances will PhuketBabyRentals.com or J2 Global Co., Ltd be held responsible for any damage, injury, or loss, including death, arising from the use of any rented equipment or the failure of the equipment to function as intended by the manufacturer.

6.  You have full responsibility for the care and safekeeping of the equipment. You are responsible for ensuring that it is used in a safe and sensible manner, used only for the purpose for which it is supplied and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and you shall provide supervision where appropriate.

7.  Provided the goods are returned to us, on the last date of the rental, in the same condition as you received them we shall return the deposit to you in full. In the event of a late return or damaged equipment, we shall be entitled to retain the deposit paid.

8.  If equipment is not returned in the condition in which it was hired to you, for whatever reason, we reserve the right to retain the deposit paid by you.