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Baby Musical Crib Mobile Bed Bell Toys

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Product Details

  • 1、Rotating movement: Cute cartoon toys can be rotated 360° to attract your baby's attention and exercise your baby's eyes. The hanging character can be played alone as a small rattle toy. One of the hanging toys with a tooth gel that helps your baby use it when it is difficult to teeth.
  • 2、Music Box With Night Light: Use soft, glowing night light when the babies are quiet or sleeping, so your baby feels safe at night.
  • 3、Star Projection: Projected onto the ceiling through the music box, and totals 4 projections (red, purple, 2 colors alternately flashing) and story projection. Great for children to sleep and help them get rid of night fears.
  • 4、Crib Music Mobile Bell: 150 soft lullaby, 10 music machines, 10 baby songs and 5 nature sounds. The beautiful melody gives the baby a sweet dream.
  • 5、Suitable Size: Crib mobile bed is only suitabke for 0.43-1.89 inches (approx. 1.1-4.8 cm). Please choose according to the size of the crib and read the product description carefully before purchasing.

1.Easy to install
2.Suitable for cribs,baby strollers,car seats,etc.
3.The music box features lighting and music,projection,rotation and timing.
4.Adjust the volume and press and hold the V-orV+button to adjust the volume.
5.Use the remote control to facilitate the mother to do housework

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